Few flingy slings from my closet.

Women and bags are inseparable. Depending on occasion,role and mood we select our bags.But what comes handy when you wanna go hand free, yup that is Sling bags!!Slings comes in different designs, patterns colors and prints and that’s make it gals favorites.Bags line is incomplete without a sling in it.Metal chains ,neon color , bling and stud, slings comes in different sizes. There are variety of sling bags available in market, Here are the few babies from my closet.


Black blingy sling by METRO

This cute baby costed me INR990. They say good things comes in small packages,this has been proved right by this fashionable black petite sling.It has some detailing with studs on the flap which gives it pretty fancy look.I pair it with a simple one piece dress or single color top to highlight my sling.Since its very small in size i can only keep my phone and some cards in it.It’s a perfect sling for an evening date, where you don’t need makeup touch ups.

Mustard yellow sling by ACCESSORIZE

It was a lavish buy , as it costed me INR2195. It was an instant love for me. The color makes it more attractive which goes with most of my outfits.This one is elegant and spacious and can carry my wallet,phone,keys and few makeup for touch up.This piece is a perfect classic blend of fashion and comfort.You can detach the sling and can turn it into a high fashion compact handbag.

Pink heart shape bag by GINGER

Ginger by lifestyle has become my favorite for many reasons.I m totally in love with its range for bags as well as for apparel. It can help you create a gal next door look.This bag was a valentine gift from my girlfriend and I am completely bonkers over it.I have been using it with most of my western outfits like shorts,mine skirts,jeans,knee length dresses, it instantly adds glamour to all my outfits.Love to flaunt this heart from ginger..



2 thoughts on “Few flingy slings from my closet.

  1. Hi Neha, loved this blog of yours on slings. It certainly is one of the most important accessories that one cannot step out without. And it of course adds glamour and style to one’s look. Thank you.

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