First of all, Congrats on being a mom by god’s blessing and with little contribution from for husband! I know gals you are not getting enough sleep, your hair is unmanageable, you feel dehydrated most of the time, basically you have become unrecognizable and missing that fashionista you were once. Around this time when you have to get ready for some occasion and you open your wardrobe and realize nothing fits you anymore, your worst dream is coming true!!What would you do now?What type of clothes you should add ? would it be harsh on your baby’s skin?Will you be comfortable in that outfit? uuuff!!!!

Relax!! First of all.Look at your baby’s smile and you will feel a little better.So, for you baby may be the ultimate style camouflage.You can draw attention away from your sleep deprived eyes and messy hair to her cute expressions.Still, every woman knows there’s a connection between feeling good and looking good.So here are few tips to make you look good and hence feel good about yourself.

1.when you are shopping for postpartum festive or wedding clothes, avoid heavy embroidery or studs detailing on upper body as that might make baby uncomfortable in your lap.Go for prints or thread work on organic material like cotton and khadi, chiffon, Georgette also make good option.

2.Add some buttoned shirts or Kurtis which will make it easy for you to feed the baby.Pair it with cigarette pants or denims and your glam look is ready.

3.Floral Print -Prints always help in creating illusion of fine figure.You can have floral Kurtis or long floral shirt with legging/jeggings and give a complete glam look.

4.Instead of tight tops or kurtis buy few hip length and loose top so that you feel comfortable and airy through out the day.You can go for one size up in brands you shop from.

5.Needless to mention- few feeding bras.Padded bra and wired ones can have a little nap time in your closet.

6.Go for the material which is stretchy,non wrinkly and washable at home.

7.Buy few bright shirts/top/kurti which will have a positive influence on your mood.Also you can add a couple of positive thought quotes T-shirt in your wardrobe.

8.For outings you can add few wrap style tops and dresses which hides those extra inches from your tummy.

9. Asymmetrical Kurtis and tops are quite in these days which give you an advantage to be in trend and at the same time give an illusion of perfect curves.Pair it with cigarette pants or palazzo.

10.Scarf and summer coats can make an easy way to you accessories list.


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