How to dressup when your mother in law is visiting, and you don’t wanna miss that fashionista in you..

Hey gals!! What comes to your mind when your hubby tells you that your mother in law is coming over for vacations?

I know! What will i wear?OMG!!I have to go for night out with my friends, i can’t wear suit for an evening party!! Gosh!! I have to be all covered for coming will I survive through this fashion faux pas??

Sanskari bahu is so out of fashion.Lets be hashtag daughter in law and still woo your mom in law.So here is a list of outfits you can try your hands on and still score high on fashion meter..
1.Front slit kurti with jeans

OK!!So I have a huge crush on this one.It looks so feminine and polished that i am totally going gaga over this.You can pair it with jeans and high stilettos,finish the look with statement neckpiece and you are ready to walk on the red carpet.You can also wear it with dhoti salwar to give this fusion an indo western touch.

2.Maxi dress or skirt

Bollywood is going bonkers over floral maxi dresses and skirts.These are easily available in almost all the brands.These ankle length dresses are safe option as it gives an illusion of anarkali suits.When you are opting for maxi skirt you can pair it with tucked in buttoned shirt and can slay like a pro.

3.Wrap around dress or tops

Again very much in trend and at the same time looks very decent.Since it adds a layer around your body ,leaves very less chance for body show.Only make sure if you are picking a dress it is of right length.

4. Peplum tops

This looks very sophisticated and classy with bell sleeves. Wear it with an ankle length jeans or printed leggings and you are back in vogue.


I would not be exaggerating if i say these are custom made for such mother in law’s barging occasions. It’s a full coverage outfit with its sassy look.It’s a big thumbs up when you want to slay with a dress which shows minimum and yet highlights maximum.

images (40)-1644546180..jpg
6. Asymmetrical dresses

This modernistic approach of designers compliments all silhouette. It creates an illusion of perfect figure and full length. It’s high and low cuts ensures it doesn’t look short overall.This is a perfect win win for all trendy daughter in laws.


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