Perfume for your soul

Hey My Beautiful Angels,

Hope you are shinning and glittering as usual.Are you spreading your fragrance too? yeahh!you got it right!! We gonna talk about perfumes in this blog.PERFUMES are quite an essential for a good wardrobe.It is scientifically proven that a good fragrance triggers strongest emotions and hence we should be thoughtful while selecting a right perfume- a little spritz can make all that difference.Before investing in a good perfume we should consider occasion, time of day , clothing,age,scent concentration that requires a little more skill and finesse. Is is too much to think about? Has it become a daunting task for you already?


In this blog I am going share an insight about how to select a perfume to justify your mood and occasion.
1.BASED ON CONCENTRATION– Perfumes price are dependent on their lasting power.The longer it stays,the more it costs.

1. Eau de cologne -these types of s cents have lowest fragrance concentration and hence last for few hours.It has just 5% of oil.
2.Eau de perfume-it has about 8% of oil and stay for around 5 hours depending on the climate.These costs more than cologne.
3.Eau de parfum– has the maximum oil concentration and can stay for almost half of the day.It has about 18% of oil concentration mixed with alcohol.
2.BASED ON FRAGRANCE TYPE-Depending on your personal likes and style you can select scent family.
1.Fruity perfumes– As the name explains these contains fruits scents and gives citrus smell.commonly available in grapefruit,green apple,strawberry,orange and peace.A nice option for a day outing.

2.Ocean perfumes– these perfumes give your fresh and breezy smell and make a best option for gym or zumba classes.

3.Floral perfumes– these are the most feminine type.these give you sweet and refreshing smell of flower like jasmine,lavender,rose

4.Spicy perfumes-they are musky and contains spices like cinnamon,cloves,pepper, vanilla mixed with an precious wood.

OCCASION-The way you smell is as important as the way you slay in that dress to spread the right vibes.A good smell can make or break the image.
1.Day outing– If you are out for long hours, you will have to pick a long lasting perfume and for that spicy or ocean make best choice.Ocean goes best with the morning events.
2.At work– Its best to go light!!No body likes strong smell or over perfumed person at work.Go for something with fresh undertone like ocean or floral.
3.At lunch– You sweat the most during this period hence your perfume has to work hardest around this time of the day.Any strong fragrance can give a headache to the person sitting nest to you so pick your scent wisely.Spicy fragrance can compliment the day look and can spread a good vibes.
4.On a date– Be mindful and don’t go overboard with your perfume is the mantra here.Feminism come as a saviors so, floral is defiantly a show stopper in this case.
5.Evening party– Evening is the best time to experiment.However the wiser choice would be a fruity or floral fragrance to turn the heads around and compliment your sexy and glamorous evening dress.

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