We all struggle through finding the perfect match for our outfit, but most of the time it becomes a tedious task to dig into the mountain of clothes in our closet and finding the right pair of trouser or the perfect top and hence end up wearing the piece we reached first. How to create a to-go wardrobe at home.5-steps guideline for that.


Have an organised, functional wardrobe with wearable clothes that fit and flatter. Make sections in your wardrobe into categories that work best for you. This could be regular wear, office wear, traditional outfits, jeans and trousers and tops. Keep your lingerie in a separate drawer and use hanging organiser for your accessories like belts, scarfs, slings etc. This way it would be easy for you to reach the desired piece. Determine what needs to be altered, donated and group them in piles separately. Do it after every 3 months to keep your wardrobe sorted and organised.


Try new offbeat trends by mixing different genres. Club your girly tops with ripped jeans or palazzos. Try to make as many different combinations your can make with your existing clothe line. This way not only you will save money but also break the monotony of your current wardrobe.


Rather then buying new outfits pick few accessories add glamour to your existing wardrobe. Make a list what you have and what you need to buy keeping current trend in mind like belts, scarfs, statement necklace, tassels earrings, slings, shrugs etc.


When you plan to add few more outfits make a list of the colours that you have in your wardrobe and keeping the season in mind add colours to your wardrobe. Like in summer go for light and pastel colours to keep your wardrobe cool and breezy for winter you can add bright and hot colours to sparkle it chilly winter.


If you are planning to add trendy and fashionable outfits in your closet, make sure you give a second thought before buy on impulse. Ask your self do u really need it? Where can you wear it? Do you have something already in your closet which has same pattern, colour, style if you do, if you don’t you can count it in your next shopping list.

Sorting your wardrobe should be done on a regular basis to avoid cluttered and unmanageable wardrobe. Keep your wardrobe sorted and enjoy dressing up.


We all know that Bollywood divas are fetish for shoes. You can really jazz up any outfit by wearing right pairs of footwear. Recently Aanad Ahuja and Rhea Kapoor gave us a new fashion goal by wearing sneakers to the wedding. They redefined the blend of high fashion sensibility and comfort. Wardrobe is incomplete with variety of shoes in it.




Sneakers have become everyone’s favourite. It not only gives a glam look but also defines comfort. It has become got-to shoe for fashion and Bollywood industries because of its boho chic look. You will see many B-town celebrities finishing their airport look by pairing their trendy outfits with sneakers. It has become a ‘must have in wardrobe’ thing.



Cinderella is a proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. This quote is truly dedicated to stiletto. It can give a desired party finish to just any outfit. Best suited for an evening date to add a little oomph to your appearance!!


Desi gals can never finish their shoe-line without having a pair of beautiful punjabi juttis.No ethnic look is complete without a pair of mojris or if you want to give that indo-western look to your long maxi gown, just pair it with mojris and slay like pro.You can also glam up your wedding look with these and still be ready to rock the dance floor.


These are my much loved and all times favourite footwears. It not only gives me comfort but also adds few inches to my height. This is an ideal choice for short gals. This stylish pair not only makes your legs appear longer, but also thinner and sexier. Wedges look hot when paired with hot trendy shorts or a mini dress. Go, grab a pair of colourful wedges for yourself!!


Black boots are an essential to give a polishing effect to your entire ensemble and give you that classy and sassy appeal. These don’t just work well on a pair if skinny jeans, however it gives that dramatic look to a short skirt or a knee length dress/frock! So, go ahead and indulge in a pair for yourself today.


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Hey my beautiful angel👸,

Last month I ran a “DRESS REPEAT CHALLENGE” for all my beautiful gals. I know repeating a dress on social media is a dare!! But not for a confident woman who has personality brighter than an outfit and confidence bigger then the looks. Not only they showed us how to slay in the same outfit but also gave us ideas to rock the same attire in a totally different style. KUDOS beauties!!

So here we have my gals slaying the same outfits differently each time…


When it comes to repeating a saree we don’t have many options to try our hands on however we have few tricks to twist the look. By have contrasting blouse or Chinese print blouse you can give a total new look to one of your favorite saree. You can instantly switch from classy Indian look to sassy avatar.



Suits are the most versatile outfit and can be transformed according to your mood and event. It also compliments all body type. You can wear it in a traditional way or you can pair it with one of your favorite jacket by skipping dupatta for a statement look. Club it with one of your flowy skirt or pallazo to give it a more sophisticated yet classy look.


Layering is my favorite get away option for the days when I am feeling bloated or trying to hide those extra inches. You can give that oomph look to a simple top or a dress by layering it with a blingy jacket or shimmery summer coat. Perfect and quick transition from dull to dazzle…what say??


Accessories make all that difference. Scarfs,shrugs, belts and stole are few essential for gal’s wardrobe. Whenever in confusion just pick one of them and the outcome is nothing less than glamorous.


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Perfume for your soul

Hey My Beautiful Angels,

Hope you are shinning and glittering as usual.Are you spreading your fragrance too? yeahh!you got it right!! We gonna talk about perfumes in this blog.PERFUMES are quite an essential for a good wardrobe.It is scientifically proven that a good fragrance triggers strongest emotions and hence we should be thoughtful while selecting a right perfume- a little spritz can make all that difference.Before investing in a good perfume we should consider occasion, time of day , clothing,age,scent concentration that requires a little more skill and finesse. Is is too much to think about? Has it become a daunting task for you already?



In this blog I am going share an insight about how to select a perfume to justify your mood and occasion.
1.BASED ON CONCENTRATION– Perfumes price are dependent on their lasting power.The longer it stays,the more it costs.

1. Eau de cologne -these types of s cents have lowest fragrance concentration and hence last for few hours.It has just 5% of oil.
2.Eau de perfume-it has about 8% of oil and stay for around 5 hours depending on the climate.These costs more than cologne.
3.Eau de parfum– has the maximum oil concentration and can stay for almost half of the day.It has about 18% of oil concentration mixed with alcohol.
2.BASED ON FRAGRANCE TYPE-Depending on your personal likes and style you can select scent family.
1.Fruity perfumes– As the name explains these contains fruits scents and gives citrus smell.commonly available in grapefruit,green apple,strawberry,orange and peace.A nice option for a day outing.

2.Ocean perfumes– these perfumes give your fresh and breezy smell and make a best option for gym or zumba classes.

3.Floral perfumes– these are the most feminine type.these give you sweet and refreshing smell of flower like jasmine,lavender,rose

4.Spicy perfumes-they are musky and contains spices like cinnamon,cloves,pepper, vanilla mixed with an precious wood.

OCCASION-The way you smell is as important as the way you slay in that dress to spread the right vibes.A good smell can make or break the image.
1.Day outing– If you are out for long hours, you will have to pick a long lasting perfume and for that spicy or ocean make best choice.Ocean goes best with the morning events.
2.At work– Its best to go light!!No body likes strong smell or over perfumed person at work.Go for something with fresh undertone like ocean or floral.
3.At lunch– You sweat the most during this period hence your perfume has to work hardest around this time of the day.Any strong fragrance can give a headache to the person sitting nest to you so pick your scent wisely.Spicy fragrance can compliment the day look and can spread a good vibes.
4.On a date– Be mindful and don’t go overboard with your perfume is the mantra here.Feminism come as a saviors so, floral is defiantly a show stopper in this case.
5.Evening party– Evening is the best time to experiment.However the wiser choice would be a fruity or floral fragrance to turn the heads around and compliment your sexy and glamorous evening dress.

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BOLLYWOOD has always worked as a trendsetter in our life.It brings new style and signature trend of the characters.Some became household thing as it can be easily embraced my commoners. Movies like AISHA and FASHION were high on fashion however to wear those outfits you needed a red carpet hence could not be followed by a girl walking on a street.Here are some movies that have changed household fashion trends and almost very woman had a piece or two in their wardrobes.


This movie gave us totally two different look.One was of girl next door Madhiri dixit , who was mostly seen in transparent Georgette suits with inner which became a trend instantly and next was high fashion rich girl karisma kapoor with crop top and leggings. Both the style were unique and can be easily embraced by mass.They also gave a gym look with sports bra and skinny leggings which are still in trend.




Who can forget Geet of Jab we met and her T-shirt paired with patiala. That was the weirdest combination and yet looked so chic.Almost everyone started to wear patiala salwar with T-shirt and that really looked cool.

images (34)3071238587664742779..jpg

And my most favorite look that is phulkari dupatta with jeans was just so cool and chic. Phulkari dupattas adds color to any attire and pairing it with white shirt and jeans was quite innovative.



Vidhya balan is usually not known for her style statement and fashion trends. However what she did in Kahani was a real trend-buster for boring and shabby looking pregnancy clothes.Her pregnancy gowns became viral and almost all preggies tried to flaunt their bums through those comfortable and yet glamorous attire.




Well we all remember the oomph factor Deepika brought with this flick.she was naughty,sassy,classy ,trendy and yet so comfy in most of her cocktail’s attire.She redefined the fashion in this movie with comfort.



Hi my beautiful angels,

As promised I am back with the review of khadi products. Khadi is known for its natural ingredients and chemical free processing. Which always drag me to try its range, so here I am with four of khadi products. I have used these products for more than a week and have come up with a very positive feedback about these herbal babies.


For those who love the fragrance of lemon grass it a must have, being one of them I just loved the blend of lemongrass and orange. This product costed me INR290 and is worth the price. I used this product in sauna bath however you can use it for massaging at home and then wipe out the extra oil with warm towel. It left my skin smooth and supple. As its herbal and sls and paraben free, its was a guilt free treat to skin. Thumbs up for this product from my side.



I have dry skin, so I always look for products which can retain my skin’s moisture and softness. Do I have to tell you the advantages of honey and sandalwood on our skin? These have always been our granny’s most trusted ingredients for face packs. I like the feel of my skin after ever wash as it didn’t leave my skin dry. You don’t get much leather with this face wash hence it retains the moisture level of your skin. It costed me INR155 for 210ml, Not a bad deal!! It’s a yay for me.



We all know that toner is used to maintain skin’s pH balance. It is highly recommended for oily skin for removing dirt and oil traces. I have a dry skin however I use it in my CTM routine. Nothing can work better then rose water for natural toning. You can pour this product in a spray bottle and can use it as refreshing spray when travelling or out of the house. It costed me just INR100, easy on pocket!! Isn’t??



While brands like body shop are selling their body wash for INR700 or more getting an herbal one for INR135 is a dream. The texture of this product was quite runny but to my surprise lathered well also I like flowery fragrance. However, it didn’t nourish my skin, I felt the need of moisturizer just after the shower also the fragrance didn’t stay long. So, a nay for me!!!


How to dressup when your mother in law is visiting, and you don’t wanna miss that fashionista in you..

Hey gals!! What comes to your mind when your hubby tells you that your mother in law is coming over for vacations?

I know! What will i wear?OMG!!I have to go for night out with my friends, i can’t wear suit for an evening party!! Gosh!! I have to be all covered for coming weeks..how will I survive through this fashion faux pas??

Sanskari bahu is so out of fashion.Lets be hashtag daughter in law and still woo your mom in law.So here is a list of outfits you can try your hands on and still score high on fashion meter..
1.Front slit kurti with jeans

OK!!So I have a huge crush on this one.It looks so feminine and polished that i am totally going gaga over this.You can pair it with jeans and high stilettos,finish the look with statement neckpiece and you are ready to walk on the red carpet.You can also wear it with dhoti salwar to give this fusion an indo western touch.

2.Maxi dress or skirt

Bollywood is going bonkers over floral maxi dresses and skirts.These are easily available in almost all the brands.These ankle length dresses are safe option as it gives an illusion of anarkali suits.When you are opting for maxi skirt you can pair it with tucked in buttoned shirt and can slay like a pro.

3.Wrap around dress or tops

Again very much in trend and at the same time looks very decent.Since it adds a layer around your body ,leaves very less chance for body show.Only make sure if you are picking a dress it is of right length.

4. Peplum tops

This looks very sophisticated and classy with bell sleeves. Wear it with an ankle length jeans or printed leggings and you are back in vogue.


I would not be exaggerating if i say these are custom made for such mother in law’s barging occasions. It’s a full coverage outfit with its sassy look.It’s a big thumbs up when you want to slay with a dress which shows minimum and yet highlights maximum.

images (40)-1644546180..jpg
6. Asymmetrical dresses

This modernistic approach of designers compliments all silhouette. It creates an illusion of perfect figure and full length. It’s high and low cuts ensures it doesn’t look short overall.This is a perfect win win for all trendy daughter in laws.


First of all, Congrats on being a mom by god’s blessing and with little contribution from for husband! I know gals you are not getting enough sleep, your hair is unmanageable, you feel dehydrated most of the time, basically you have become unrecognizable and missing that fashionista you were once. Around this time when you have to get ready for some occasion and you open your wardrobe and realize nothing fits you anymore, your worst dream is coming true!!What would you do now?What type of clothes you should add ? would it be harsh on your baby’s skin?Will you be comfortable in that outfit? uuuff!!!!

Relax!! First of all.Look at your baby’s smile and you will feel a little better.So, for you baby may be the ultimate style camouflage.You can draw attention away from your sleep deprived eyes and messy hair to her cute expressions.Still, every woman knows there’s a connection between feeling good and looking good.So here are few tips to make you look good and hence feel good about yourself.

1.when you are shopping for postpartum festive or wedding clothes, avoid heavy embroidery or studs detailing on upper body as that might make baby uncomfortable in your lap.Go for prints or thread work on organic material like cotton and khadi, chiffon, Georgette also make good option.

2.Add some buttoned shirts or Kurtis which will make it easy for you to feed the baby.Pair it with cigarette pants or denims and your glam look is ready.

3.Floral Print -Prints always help in creating illusion of fine figure.You can have floral Kurtis or long floral shirt with legging/jeggings and give a complete glam look.

4.Instead of tight tops or kurtis buy few hip length and loose top so that you feel comfortable and airy through out the day.You can go for one size up in brands you shop from.

5.Needless to mention- few feeding bras.Padded bra and wired ones can have a little nap time in your closet.

6.Go for the material which is stretchy,non wrinkly and washable at home.

7.Buy few bright shirts/top/kurti which will have a positive influence on your mood.Also you can add a couple of positive thought quotes T-shirt in your wardrobe.

8.For outings you can add few wrap style tops and dresses which hides those extra inches from your tummy.

9. Asymmetrical Kurtis and tops are quite in these days which give you an advantage to be in trend and at the same time give an illusion of perfect curves.Pair it with cigarette pants or palazzo.

10.Scarf and summer coats can make an easy way to you accessories list.

Few flingy slings from my closet.

Women and bags are inseparable. Depending on occasion,role and mood we select our bags.But what comes handy when you wanna go hand free, yup that is Sling bags!!Slings comes in different designs, patterns colors and prints and that’s make it gals favorites.Bags line is incomplete without a sling in it.Metal chains ,neon color , bling and stud, slings comes in different sizes. There are variety of sling bags available in market, Here are the few babies from my closet.


Black blingy sling by METRO

This cute baby costed me INR990. They say good things comes in small packages,this has been proved right by this fashionable black petite sling.It has some detailing with studs on the flap which gives it pretty fancy look.I pair it with a simple one piece dress or single color top to highlight my sling.Since its very small in size i can only keep my phone and some cards in it.It’s a perfect sling for an evening date, where you don’t need makeup touch ups.

Mustard yellow sling by ACCESSORIZE

It was a lavish buy , as it costed me INR2195. It was an instant love for me. The color makes it more attractive which goes with most of my outfits.This one is elegant and spacious and can carry my wallet,phone,keys and few makeup for touch up.This piece is a perfect classic blend of fashion and comfort.You can detach the sling and can turn it into a high fashion compact handbag.

Pink heart shape bag by GINGER

Ginger by lifestyle has become my favorite for many reasons.I m totally in love with its range for bags as well as for apparel. It can help you create a gal next door look.This bag was a valentine gift from my girlfriend and I am completely bonkers over it.I have been using it with most of my western outfits like shorts,mine skirts,jeans,knee length dresses, it instantly adds glamour to all my outfits.Love to flaunt this heart from ginger..